Cathedral site preparation work continues

11 December 2018Media Release

The assembly of a large crane on-site marks another step on the pathway to reinstatement for Christ Church Cathedral.

A large crane will be installed on the Christ Church Cathedral site on Thursday (13 December 2018), ahead of works to remove steel framing from the front of the Cathedral in the New Year.

Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited (CCRL) Project Director Keith Paterson says the work is being carried out by CCRL as part of site preparation work.

“The work we are undertaking on site will make the front of the Cathedral – referred to as the western porch area – safer for subsequent investigations and will help us to better understand the scope of the deconstruction of the porch,” says Mr Paterson.

“It will of course, also improve the look of the Cathedral from the front, which we’re pleased about and I’m sure many in Christchurch will be too.”

Work will include the removal of loose material around the roof and the temporary steel structure, which will start after 14 January 2019.

“Our aim is for the steel framing to be deconstructed by early February in time for the installation of the new Anglican Bishop,” says Mr Paterson.

Loose material lodged between the steel structure and the remaining west wall will be removed, and any heritage material will be identified and sorted.

In late November CCRL and Church property Trustees (CPT) formally agreed the terms and conditions for CCRL’s occupancy of the Cathedral site. This was done through a License to Occupy agreement.

Work is also underway at the eastern end of the site, installing concrete barriers as part of a review of site safety and security.