April update with Bishop Peter

02 April 2023News

I am very excited that on 21 March 2023, we celebrated the completion of the Stabilisation Phase of the Reinstatement. 

We have made real progress getting the building up to 34 per cent of building standard. I am thankful for everyone who has made this happen, from project staff to supporters of the project, including you who are reading this now.

There is some way to go. The next phase is about the foundations of the Cathedral, including the installation of 66 base isolators. I am very excited about this new phase. It means that the Cathedral of the future will ride out any future quakes, and so, we can look forward to a strong, sound Cathedral for hundreds of years to come.

Our target date for completion, the end of 2027, is coming into sight, and it is  wonderful to imagine what life in the Cathedral will be like again. To give just one example, it was recently observed to me that a young boy or girl Chorister beginning this year in the Transitional Cathedral will conclude their singing as a Chorister in the Cathedral in the Square. I look forward to that day, and hope you do too. 

Bishop Peter.