December update with Bishop Peter

11 December 2022News

Prior to 2021, I met many Cantabrians who asked, “Is anything happening about the Cathedral?” My initial reaction, voiced in my head, was “Have you not been in the Square recently?” This year, such questions seem to have disappeared. I assume that is because not only are people visiting our Square again but when there, without fail, they are seeing many signs of progress: cranes, scaffolding, steel beams, partial deconstruction of some walls and so forth.    

2022 has been a year of significant progress for our Reinstatement Project. We have worked steadily towards the goal of stabilising the building to 34% of new building code, and will reach that goal in early 2023. Ironically the next major phase of work – strengthening the main building structure – will be much less visible than the work of the past few years. 

I am very excited that we are now within five years of the whole project being complete. Thank you for your support. With the aid of many hands we are seeing the Heart of our City rise again. 

Merry Christmas from Bishop Peter