Introducing Alan Palmer

11 December 2022News

Meet Alan Palmer, Senior Project Manager for CCRL. Alan supports the consultant and construction team to get the job done safely.

As Senior Project Manager for CCRL I support the consultants and construction team to get the job done safely. As a newbie to the project, I am surprised how much has been achieved in just over two years. We have a long way to go but it’s made easier working with people who are committed and passionate about what this means for the community. The stone masons and carpenters are particularly proud of their craftmanship and involvement with the project. The interesting challenge we have is to combine the best of traditional practices with modern technology in a way that honours the heritage fabric, strengthens the building, and provides best value for money.  

I am enjoying the project because of the collaborative spirit amongst the consultants and contractors and the variety in any one day. Last week I met online with York Minster Cathedral in the UK and hosted 20 members of a construction group on a site. Today I was organising the installation of a mega Santa Claus and next month I am doing a reading for the Anglican Church Christmas services. 

Long-time Christchurch residents have their memories and stories about the Cathedral. My memories include doing laps of the Cathedral with my friends in an old car as a teenager. The New Year’s Eve celebration in front of the Cathedral was always a festive occasion, and pre-earthquakes our family enjoyed and took part in magnificent choral singing at Christmas and other special occasions like the Anzac Dawn Parade. 

It’s easy to be passionate about this project because it is a one in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a project that means so much to so many.