Introducing Catherine Boyer

04 April 2023News

Most mornings on my way to work I pass by Christ Church Cathedral to see what is happening on the site that day. The crews and stonemasons are always busy, and it is great fun to watch visitors to Christchurch glancing through the fences or capturing a selfie with the Cathedral as a backdrop. 

At long last we are seeing the heart of Christchurch come back to life as the Cathedral’s reinstatement continues to make great progress. It gives me a sense of pride in our city with people and businesses joining together with the Anglican community to make it all happen. 

My role with the CCRL team is as the Solid Foundations Campaign Manager to raise funds for the Cathedral’s reinstatement by partnering with businesses in Christchurch, Canterbury, and New Zealand. Meeting so many talented people who are driving the success of their businesses, yet who also want to contribute to this great civic project of our generation is a highlight of the job. A deep sense of civic commitment and knowing the Cathedral’s iconic place as the heart of Christchurch makes partnering a win-win for all. 

One aspect of the project which particularly interests me is the organ restoration and work to improve the acoustics. Sharing music in such a magnificent space with other people offers a sense of community which I have missed since 2011. I’ve also missed Jenny Gillies’ Festival of Flowers Show in the Cathedral and hope that such creativity will once again return after the doors reopen to all.