July update with Bishop Peter

24 July 2023News

Progress on Cathedral construction continues to be very impressive. Our freedom to be inside the Cathedral itself is making a difference. Multiple aspects of the reinstatement are being worked on simultaneously. A lot is happening.

I continue to be immensely grateful for all our workers and for the leaders of our Project, on site, in our company offices and out and about talking to donors and potential donors. It is a very good feeling for me as Bishop to be able to talk confidently about being back inside the Cathedral, fully functioning, from late 2027. That’s less than five years away and I have a strong feeling that the next four and a half years are going to whizz by.

Thank you for your continuing support for the Project. Please keep supporting the Project by talking about it with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. We want everyone in Canterbury and beyond to be excited about the Reinstatement of the Cathedral – of “our” Cathedral.

Final pieces of our city are being put together – the new Court Theatre is in the news this week. The stadium is rising from the ground. Completion of the Cathedral in the Square is vital to the remaking of our great city. Let’s do this!

Bishop Peter