Single board to take Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project into the future

05 December 2021Media Release

The project is currently governed by three entities – Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited (CCRL) – responsible for the project delivery – and its shareholders Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Trust (CCRT) and Church Property Trustees (CPT).

 These original governance arrangements set the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project up with a strong start. Consenting, design and construction planning phases of the project are now well advanced, and steady progress is being made toward stabilisation and efficient reinstatement.

 Attention is turning to planning for the balance of project, and a stronger focus on fundraising. In this regard, a simplified and integrated governance structure has significant benefits and reduced cost.

 The three entities involved are all in favour of a leaner, single entity structure led by Christ Church Cathedral Limited (CCRL), who will now be accountable for the delivery of the project in its entirety.

 Having served since 2018, current chair Justin Murray is stepping down. Mark Stewart has joined the refreshed CCRL board and been appointed as its new chair. Bishop Peter will represent CPT on the CCRL board.

 “Streamlining the governance of this complex project under a single board with overall accountability for the next phases, with all parties united behind the decision, demonstrates great local leadership,” says Justin Murray.

 “Everyone who has been involved in the leadership of this project to date is very grateful to the Government for the support it has provided for our restructure decision, along with the initial funding of $25m, the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Act and the setting up of CCRT, all of which allowed us to get to this point.

 “I’d also like to thank all CCRT Trustees, Bishop Peter Carrell and CPT Trustees, CCRL Directors, and major donors who have supported the project to date”.

 “We’ve all spent a huge amount of time on this project over the last 3 ½ years and I’m proud of the significant progress we’ve achieved but it’s now time for a new team to lead the project through its next chapter. It’s heading into an exciting phase where we’ll be able to clearly see the progress. I’ll continue to watch with interest as the reinstated Cathedral takes shape.”

 Chair of the CCRT Board Peter Guthrey says “My Trustees and I are thrilled to steward this significant project to this point with tremendous support of the Government, Ministers, Christchurch City Council and many in the community. The new structure will enable reinstatement to progress smoothly and ensure the fundraising effort is coordinated with project demands, led by Mark Stewart and the CCRL team”.

 Bishop Peter says “I am grateful for what has been achieved to date in the reinstatement of Christ Church Cathedral under the leadership of Peter Guthrey and Justin Murray and through the commitment of the NZ Government. I look forward to my involvement in the new governance structure. I am delighted that Mark Stewart will succeed Justin Murray as Chair of CCRL.”

 Further announcements about new board appointments and fundraising plans will be made in the New Year. 

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